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Why Choose Wood Over Plastic


PEFC Certified Wood: A Renewable Resource

Distinct Wood Packaging manufactures PEFC certified products made out of French poplar wood sustainably harvested. PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) are the 2 worldwide sustainable forest management and chain of custody certifications in the wood industry. They guarantee wood as a renewable resource. Experts say that if wood is extracted in a sustainable way then you can do it forever. Where these certifications are the most endorsed, forests are actually expanding, especially in Europe.

Several different studies including life cycle analysis of furniture, building and packaging materials show that wood is the best choice from an environmental perspective. It is undeniable that even when wood replaces only a fraction of the alternatives, the net benefit is a decrease in total greenhouse gas emissions.


Deforestation Concerns

True or False? If we use more wood, we will have less forest. False. Strong markets for wood products help to ensure that landowners derive value from their investment. This provides an incentive not only to keep lands forested, but to manage them sustainably for long-term health.

Wooden Products: A Carbon Sink

We all know that trees capture carbon and release oxygen while growing. What is not well-know is that dead trees keep carbon in their fibers. Wood is a carbon sink. It means that it captures more carbon than it releases during its life cycle, even if we burn it as an energy resource. The following study shows that, in all cases, emissions of CO2e from harvesting, manufacturing and transportation from Canada to the UK represent less than one third of the amount stored in the wood products. Further, all of the products remain a net carbon sink (indicated with a negative value) across all three calculated service lives.