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Our food contact approved produce baskets and trays are perfect for chocolatiers, confectionery manufacturers, caterers, bakers and brands that are looking to take their image to the next level. What better way to showcase your delicious treats than with Distinct’s innovative and sustainable containers!

Chocolate boxes and other packaging

Our food contact approved baskets are the perfect opportunity for chocolatiers and artisan chocolate manufacturers to use natural, recyclable and sustainable containers with a unique and memorable design. Try Distinct’s small baskets and trays for your seasonal gifts now! Increase your sales. Choose wood.

Candy packaging and containers

Our memorable and cute little baskets and trays increase instant buying and are the perfect gift that confectionery manufacturer and candy brands are looking for. Showcase your delicious candies with Distinct’s innovative and sustainable wooden packaging. Stand out from the crowd. Choose wood.

Cookies baskets and containers

Cookies are not all the same, so does packaging. Try out our wooden baskets to showcase your artisan work. It is natural, recyclable and sustainable. Our small wooden basket are staple-free, cute and neat: the perfect container when you are starving for indulgences.

Pecan Pie & Other Pastry wooden baking molds

Distinct Wood Packaging offers wooden baking molds for pecan pie and any other pastries. Bakers can use our baskets directly in their oven. When it is cooked, it is ready to be display or offered as a gift.

Salad Grab & Go containers

Distinct Wood Packaging offers memorable Grab & Go baskets for salads and other picnic items. Our innovative wooden packaging are perfect for brands that are looking to take their image to the next level. It is also a good way for caterers to stand out from the crowd and make their event very special with eco-friendly containers and table decor items.